PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

All Sawyer, all the time.

* Previously: Desmond's sailboat.
* Dude, she totally got the maid fired.
* Sayid's updating the map.
* Time to leave. Been there over a day. "But he's wrong."
* Henry on monitor duty. "You never made soup for me."
* OMG TRIXIE. Or, alternately, Colleen.
* "They could find us."
* Team within the hour.
* Hee, circus music.
* Box lunch!
* So, Jin is back to being a jerk, I see.
* Ah, Jae. "I don't want to share you anymore."
* Oh, hi Dad.
* Construction? Hooray for manual labor.
* "She got to ask a question!"
* "We have a problem. This man has been stealing from me."
* "Why should there be a dock all the way out here?"
* Yay Alex. Looking for Karl. Not even supposed to be in the cages, huh.
* "Why are you lying to me, Sayid?"
* Uh. Maybe you could save that fuel for something more important?
* Captured. He knows!
* Sayid, why are you so scary?
* "I do it because this is what it takes to be married to you."
* "He says he understands English better than I think he does."
* Sawyer, you magnificent bastard.
* Jin is a brute.
* Aaand, looks like Dad sent backup.
* Oh crap! Trixie Colleen knew Sun's name off the top of her head.
* "We are not the enemy."
* OK, maybe she'll shoot.
* Crap, boat-napped!
* Overboard.
* Yay reunion. And with no subtitles, nice, nice.
* Jae's funeral. "He must have felt great shame."
* "I'm sorry I dragged you into this."
* Hee, Sawyer was testing them! Good times.
* "You taste like a fish biscuit."
* Henry brought his own chair, nice.
* A week!
* ' of those people you call Others...'
* 'change your perspective'
* "My name is Benjamin Linus, and I've lived on this island all my life."
* "If you cooperate, we will send you home."
* "Yes, Jack, why would we be here?"
* November 29th! Sixty-nine days!
* Hee, Red Sox jokes.
* "I will take you home."

Next week: "The hatch blew off your underwear."

So, what's with the construction site?
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