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M. and I picked up some bookshelves at Target yesterday, these for the bedroom. And we re-changed our minds about which books are going where. Seriously, we need a room for a library. So, spent some hours moving heavy boxes from one room to another. Good times! Hee. Anyways. Things are back to tumultuous, but the place is definitely moving in the right direction. Even a light somewhere near the end of that tunnel.

Some, uh, discussion about bebe arrangements is giving me a headache. Don't know where to go about that.

Oh, and I never actually mentioned here, but the nephew ended up at the hospital late last week. Juvenile diabetes. Unpleasant and scary discovery, but at least it's something treatable and not too debilitating. But man, stressful. Thoughts going out and all.

Tonight, Lost, The Nine.
Tomorrow, Warmachine?
This weekend, partying like it's 1899.
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