PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

My house is full of Dowlings!

Picked up that bebe mine yesterday afternoon, and after a couple errands we grabbed dinner (KFC: tastier than I remember), then swung over to Snowden to watch Open Season. As kid movies go, it wasn't terrible. It wasn't really boring ever, and there were a couple of really funny moments. And honestly, that's all I'm after in movies that tze bebe will enjoy too. Not great, but not bad.

Oh, and of course Zoe loved it, but she's not exactly a discerning customer yet.

Amusing bebe moment: I said something to M. during the commercials before the trailers, and tze bebe started shushing me. Very cute.

New trailers:
* Flicka - Hasn't this movie been made like 9,433 times? Really.
* The Nativity Story - It's like that other Christ movie, but less bloody.
* Arthur and the Invisibles - All you need to know is, voices by Snoop Dog, Madonna, and David Bowie.
* Flushed Away - Again, the trailers for this keep improving. Distinct maybe.
* Santa Clause 3 - Ugh, no. Ew.
* Surf's Up - OK, more penguins? Seriously, kids like other silly animals too.
Tags: bebe, movies, not news

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