PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Operation "catching up on some movies" continues.

After some tasty Thai last night, M. and I swung down to the Landmark to watch Little Miss Sunshine. Honestly, one of the better movies I have seen this year. A great mix of comedy and drama, it's a film about family. And I don't mean, for kids, I mean about people being in a family and all that entails. Great stuff, excellent acting, well-written. Highly recommended.

New trailers:
* Fur - Whoah. Had no idea what that was about until the trailer. Huh.
* For Your Consideration - Yay! Christopher Guest's reign of terror continues.
* Little Children - Ehn. If I hear it's good.
* A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Guys, shorten the title next time. "Saint Recognizing Guide" maybe. Anyways. The description I read before didn't sound enticing, but seeing the trailer, I might be convinced. We'll see.

Speaking of trailers, aijoskobi posted the link for the trailer to 300. I can't wait.
Tags: movies, not news

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