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"Basically, after Vietnam, the general attitude of the American military was that we don't want to fight that kind of war again." The military is working on a new counterinsurgency strategy.

Andrew Cohen on the new term for the Supreme Court.

Ten years after its debut, a look at how Fox News has changed the face of the media.

* "The fighting in Iraq is not a single conflict, but an overlapping set of conflicts, fought on multiple battlegrounds, with different combatants. Increasingly, American troops are caught between the competing forces."
* BBC analysis: Bush's options in Iraq remain limited.
* E. J. Dionne Jr. on the Foley scandal and coverup and family values.
* Top aide to Karl Rove resigns, due to connections with Abramoff.
* Evangelicals try to hold on to their teenage followers.
* Mars rover Opportunity is totally rocking that crater. (See also: the BBC.)
* Indonesian rock star takes on radical Islam.
* George Lucas wants to raise the profile of film-making as an artform. (Insert Jar-Jar joke here.)

Ten big movies coming this fall.

An awesome review of the WWE's "pro wrestlers as spies" novel. No, really.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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