PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A. has a houseguest from out west this week, so I've had a few days off from bebe-ness. It's weird, man. Get to see her again on Sunday, good times are planned.

Taping the BSG premiere tonight because... I haven't gotten through the second half of season two yet. Whoops! Hopefully this week, Netflix-permitting and time-permitting.

Caught up with rshackleford last night, haven't seen her in too long. She also has a goofy rental car. After some Du Claw, we swung over to Muvico for The Science of Sleep. Which was, uh, yeah. I'm not a big fan. Visually, it's interesting, and they did some interesting things with the language. On the whole, though, I didn't find it very satisfying.

New trailers:
* Stranger Than Fiction - I'm no fan of Will Ferrell, and the premise sounded shady, but damn the trailer looked pretty decent.
* Fast Food Nation - Good cast, odd premise, but I loved the book, so, sure.
* Catch A Fire - Tim Robbins as the bad guy in an movie about a man driven to take up arms against apartheid. Maybe?
* Infamous - Right, that other Truman Capote movie. (Dude, he was the voice of Dobby, the House Elf!) Impressive cast, otherwise. (Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee? Huh.) Could be good, but, uh, looks familiar...
Tags: 2006, bebe, movies, not news

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