PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Does al-Qaeda really want the United States to withdraw from Iraq, as current administration arguments would have it? Not according to the letter captured during the raid which killed Abu Musab Zarqawi."
-Abu Aardvark (excellent read)

Courtesy professorbooty, lessons to be learned on the anniversary of the Bijlmermeer tragedy.

Freedom of speech?

* On the ground with under-equipped African Union peacekeepers in Darfur.
* Dick Polman has a summary of Republican talking points on the Foley scandal.
* The challenge of being a gay Republican in Congress.
* Argentina fears the return of death squads.
* Building a better 3-D map of the universe.
* Impressive fossil find in the Arctic, including "The Monster."
* "Secret" society: the Masons pull back the curtain to ease recruiting.
* Details emerge on the sequel to Peter Pan.

Scientists in Denmark make a breakthrough in the field of teleportation.

Awesome new Aztec ruins uncovered in Mexico City.

Diversity flourishes in network hour-long dramas.

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