PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Howard Kurtz on the reaction to the unfolding Foley scandal. The Washington Times calls for Hastert to resign over it. The Wall Street Journal discusses the Republicans' failure in Congress.

The Supreme Court kicks off their fall season with a batch of denied appeals. Mark Thompson looks at the agenda for the new session.

Dealing with rising real estate prices and stagnant incomes.

* Dan Froomkin on the meeting Rice can't remember. Good stuff.
* "The Dept. of Defense's normal tension between civilian and military has degenerated under Rumsfeld."
* The proposed border fence with Mexico called impractical. Well, duh.
* Abu aardvark, on those elusive "Arab moderates".
* Dick Polman on the administration's interpretation of Woodward.
* Do Republicans not weather scandal as well as Democrats? John Nicols examined the Republican state of denial.
* The rebuilding of New Orleans means they can try something different with creating the education system from the ground up.
* Science investigates the out-of-body experience.
* Fox News vs. The World
* Computer-animated movies lose their luster.
* Dyson invents the future of hand-drying.

Two Americans win the 2006 Nobel Prize in physics for work that helped cement the big-bang theory of the universe. (One's even a local boy.)

Stephen King on the writing life.

The staff fesses up to hyped movies that they just didn't get.
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