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Previously, on Heroes...

* My opening joke: 'Oh, that guy's going to jump off the building because he just realized he's a male nurse.'
* Hiro, being awesome, is going to be the first one to get a costume. Probably next week. If he doesn't already have one.
* However, it was Claire that had the Spider-man moment saving the guy from the train wreck. I'm also 'pleased' to see that her Wolverine-like healing powers include the power to clean the blood off her clothes.
* Niki's power freaks me out.
* I was delighted when Sayid Mohinder ran from the cab, because that's what I was yelling for about the minute before that.
* Yes, they telegraphed the swerve at the end. However, I have to say I like it, because it's much more interesting to have Nathan the asshole politician who can fly than Peter, his sensitive male nurse brother.

Discussion: connections. Yes, I realize they want this to be the next Lost. But as M. noted, having Walt Micah reading a comic book, even if it happens to be the same comic that Hiro had as a screensaver, might be a bit over the top. Though I am curious how Niki and Hiro will end up connected to the rest. But, yeah, if some of the connections are, in fact, just coincides, I'd be fine with that.

On a related note, I'd prefer the show was more about the characters, and how they deal with their new powers (and how the world deals with them) rather than the mystery of where the powers come from. Again, you know, to make it a little more different than Lost.

More later, if I think of it.

So. Anyone run into a site with good screencaps? NO REASON.
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