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On this day in 1193, Saladin, the legendary Muslim warrior who opposed the Crusades, died.

Best SomethingAwful update evar: cute kitten pictures! [Note: not a trap.]

NPR was talking about this new book, which sounded pretty awesome. It's about Karl Rowe, and his place as Bush's "co-president."

* Semantics causes the rapid end of the US-Philippine anti-terrorism mission.
* New evidence in the debate over teens tried as adults.
* Cash-strapped AOL wants to cash in on instant messaging.
* Airport screeners denied bargaining rights by the federal government join a union.
* China wants to mine the freakin' moon! (courtesy Agent Black.)
* New pill (Seasonale) that delays menstruation raises interesting questions. Ladies, comments? I'm not qualified on this one.
* Actors' Guild concerned about new blacklist for anti-war activists.
* Reality shows walk the fine line between spectacle and authenticity.
* AUGH. Expect to see more ads before movies, not less.
* And why aren't more people mad about the economy?

Fortune Cookie: "Enough is as good as a feast."

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