PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

BSG comedy

Item #1:
So, there's a guy who works here with Dr. Baltar hair. For a while, I was trying to catch a cell-cam pic of him talking with a blonde co-worker on a smoke break. Because I'm easily amused. But today, heading to breakfast, I saw him outside smoking, per usual, except the guy he was smoking with had, uh, a Hitler mustache. No, really. I didn't know anyone (well, almost anyone) actually had one of those.

Item #2:
One of the guys who works at Dream Wizards is hosting a BSG premiere party, for which he is... baking a cake, in the shape of the Galactica. I'm scared. He says he'll be taking pics for the interweb.
Tags: not news, tv, two-fisted tales
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