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A day of excessive hyperbole and copious hyperlinks

Has it been a whole week since the last update, and almost two since the last real update? Well, learn to like it! Ha! Let's work backwards, for variety.

Last night, I saw Rasputina at Nation, my regular Thursday night club-thing. Pretty good show, they opened with a cover of "Wish You Were Here," and also did a cover of Pat Benatar's "Fire and Ice." And if you know me, you know I love covers. And chicks, and cellos. So, a winning combination. (Had they played their cover of "All Tomorrow's Parties," it would have been the second bestest concert ever.) Clubbing afterwards was also big fun; a big, happy crowd from all over (I met two nice girls from Canada while waiting in line, and explained to them the difference between Alchemy and Nation.) Got to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a fortnight.* And, of course, drank and danced my little heart out. The DJs once again played New Order's "Confusion" towards the end of the night. It remains one of my favoritest songs ever.

Before the club, I met up with a group of friends at Flanagan's, the bestest Irish pub in the area. Despite being there once before with Miss Scarlett, I still got painfully lost getting there. I so lack direction sense. Anyways, it was a fun couple hours, and I managed to convince Tesla that he should see Rasputina that very night (as he was a fan.) He got there, despite my aforementioned lack of direction knowledge, and enjoyed the club as well. So, yay!

Wednesday, a few of us got together to have Chinese at the restaurant next to the old Greenbelt theater. We then watched Gosford Park. A fine, fine British film, with witty British people being very British. Great writing, great acting. Oscar-worthy? Naah. But well-worth watching. Not enough Richard E. Grant, but then again, no movie can have enough Richard E. Grant.

Over the weekend we also saw Blackhawk Down at Muvico, my favoritest local theater. The review is simple: if you like war movies, go see it, it is a good war movie. Good tactical stuff, very tense. Not entirely accurate, but no movie really is. Oh, and if you don't like war movies, don't go see it. Not that much characterization, or other plot. I'm just happy Spud from Trainspotting is roaming the earth again.

Last Friday, Miss Scarlett and I went to see Concrete Blonde at the the 930 Club. Really, an awesome show. Massively crowded (in my old age, I am liking crowds less and less,) and asides from the nice straightedge couple, we were by and large the youngest people there. And while old, Johnette and the band still rock out. She's got that attractive older woman look to her these days. A great set, too, good mix of old stuff and new. Had they done "Dance Along The Edge" it would, in fact, have been the bestest show ever.

And that's that. Haven't gotten much writing done earlier, though I've taken a few stolen minutes to cleaning up my webpages, clearing out dead links and generally reorganizing. Tonight I larp, tomorrow I help my sister move from Glen Burnie (far) to about five blocks from my house (near.) Afterwards, game night at Magistrate's. Busy like a bee.

This week, I hope to catch both Rollerball and Queen of the Damned. If I was feeling masochistic, I would have a double-feature, but I doubt even I would survive.

And the reason today's update is so long? I had it all finished, and the LJ decided it was maintenance-time. Lost the whole thing. Grrr. So this one is longer, out of spite and writing it offline.

* - For me, a 'fortnight' is defined as 'a really long time.'

Insult of the Week: dumpshovel.
Quote of the Week: "Liberace outlived Elvis, thereby suggesting to many there is no God, or if there is one, He lacks taste."

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