PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

We have cable at home! No internet yet, whoops. Hopefully that will be fixed today.

M., it turns out, is as much an unpacking machine as she was a packing machine. The house is shaping up a *lot* faster than I expected. Well, except for the ginormous piles of books, but that's pretty much because we don't have the new bookshelves yet. Heh.

New complex is *very* responsive about getting things fixed, from problems with the A/C to cracked blinds. I have to admit, I'm impressed.

Oh, but cable. We have digital cable again, and OnDemand, which make me happy. And this time around, we have BBC America and the "favorite channels" feature (which we didn't have in Laurel.) Good times.

Bebe was very cute yesterday. For some reason she decided she wanted to show me The Little Mermaid, and once she put it on, she was explaining everything to me while she was curled up on top of me.

Tonight, cleaning out and cleaning up the old apartment. Tomorrow afternoon, the walk-through and turning over the old keys.

Good luck to my AOL posse today. Oh, and happy belated to elizardaa, disoculated, and hugeboozehound.

Is there actually nothing going on this weekend? That can't seem right, but gcal never lies...

More later, work permitting.

Commute report:
Left the house at 5:35, drove up to the Twinbrook Metro. Not the closest to my house, but literally *next to* bebe's day care. Got there at 6. Had an 8 minute wait at Metro Center, and got to work... right on time. Ting! Tomorrow's experiment: Glenmont, which I more or less passed on the drive today, but is oddly on the opposite end of the Red Line.
Tags: 2006, bebe, not news

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