PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Still out there

M. and I survived the move; more on this later, but damn our friends are cool.

Comcast, oddly enough, didn't show yesterday as they were scheduled to, so, still no phone or cable at home. M. has my cell today, but as aforenoted, reception down there is *terrible.*

One call that did make it through was about that naughty bebe of mine. Which was fun, chatting with bebe and her mother while I'm pacing around the parking lot (where I had to go to get reception) at like ten at night. Good times.

For better bebe stories, though, she also hit Renfest for Pirate Weekend, and kept talking about it all Sunday. Hee hee. Pictures to follow at some point.

I won't go into how much mail has piled up in the past 48 hours. If I missed anything crucial, drop me a note here.

More on the move and the apartment and tze bebe later.
Tags: 2006, bebe, not news

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