PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man, did I really watch five movies yesterday?

Joy Ride was pretty lame, even given special guest star Ted Levine. Skip it. The more I think about it, the more plotholes I find, which is kind of impressive seeing how many there were the first time through.

I was walking in and out during Real Genius, but caught most of the crucial Lazlo scenes.

We also finally sat down to watch the first half of the Fellowship actors' commentary. The hobbits cracked me up. Christopher Lee and Ian McKellan had a real air about them, but in a good way. And Orlando Bloom just rambled and rambled.

Training Day started off very morally ambiguous, but didn't end that way, which kind of pulls its punch. Maybe I am just jaded from watching The Shield, but I thought this one could have been better.

The best parts of Sexy Beast were all about Ben Kingsley. And maybe I was just tired, but I was having a harder time parsing the "English" foreign language of the other actors, which confused the plot for me a bit. But, Ben makes it all worthwhile.

And last night I taped Requiem for a Dream, which I hope to watch, um, Wednesday or so.
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