PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bush gives in to the Congress on torture legislation, but there are still problems. And Dan Froomkin doesn't see any compromise at all.

"Take any of the 'alternative' methods that Bush wants to use on U.S. detainees and imagine someone using those methods on your son or daughter."

Pushed to the limit, the Army may start relying even more on the National Guard.

Abu Aardvark on the House Intelligence Committee's report on Al Qaeda. Good read. (Added bonus: six questions with the former head of the CIA's Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program.)

* Lloyd Garver has some humorous alternatives to torture.
* Some local developments dropped.
* Looking at Iran's history, in a series of moments.
* The Forbes 400 are now all billionaires.
* Inside the lives of scriptwriters.
* What Netflix says about your area.

How about a NASCAR approach to political campaigning? (Courtesy multiplexer.)

A new lotion that creates a natural tan.

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