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So, let's just say today didn't go as planned.

M.'s brother and father were bringing their truck up, as well as the trailer-thingy they have for that, so we could go ahead with moving a load of larger boxes and furniture we don't need for this week. Unfortunately, M.'s car (which her brother was driving) turns out *not* to be as fixed as we had hoped; after a couple stalls, he had to turn around and go back home. So. Went ahead with the move, despite being short one car and one mover. Late start, as we were short a set of hands, but it's the only day before the big move next Sunday that we'd have the truck and trailer available. By the time we got to the new pad with my car and the truck full of gear, it was already the time we would have had to leave to get to family dinner tonight. Erk. Called my parents to let them know we wouldn't be able to make the dinner (for Mom's birthday,) got in a fight with them about that. Le sigh.

It's not a terrible trip on the far side. Our building is behind another one, and downhill, so it's a bit of a walk, but not a painful one (and better than carrying heavy stuff uphill, at that. The apartments are three stories high, but no elevator.) M.'s dad was a big help, lifting a lot more than he should have considering his back. Oh, and bebe likes her new room, of course.

[Bebe aside: in packing, M. found one of her old stuffed animals, a big ol' stuffed cheetah. She gave it to the bebe, who positively adores it. She was explaining that her new room was the Cheetah's Room, for example. Oh, and I asked her what the cheetah's name was, and, out of the blue, she said "His name is... Butterpat." Which is a *fantastic* name.]

Only managed to smash one finger, so, good news there. (I fully expect to look completely beat up by the time we're done moving.) Didn't get done moving until after 7, didn't get out here until after 8.

Today's apartment quirk that I noted: the dryers are nice and roomy (and being in the basement, right across the hall from our joint.) However, the *washers* are smaller.

So, yeah. Still short one car, too, which is going to be a pain, as M. won't be able to take any trips up during the week on her own, and will have to wait for me to get home after work.

Bonus thanks to bizarrojack and snidegrrl for holding the couch this long for us (a year? Something like that.) and for helping load it up today.
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