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Welcome to America, 2006

"The United States is witnessing a centralization and nationalization of politics unprecedented in our history. This trend is rooted in the rise of the political consulting industry, vast changes in the technology of campaigning, and the intense competition between the two major parties for control of Congress."

Good read: Andrew Cohen with the top legal milestones in the war on terror.

Courtesy pictsy, a toxic waste disaster in the Ivory Coast grows.

On the ground at Fort Apache Afghanistan.

* News analysis of Bush vs. Republicans over detainees.
* Ney expected to plead guilty in the Abramoff scandal.
* Pope Benedict stirs up a firestorm with his comments about the Muslim faith. (The BBC has more excerpts.)
* On the ground with wounded soldiers in Iraq.
* New questions about those pesky, vulnerable voting machines.
* The former leader of Aum Shinri Kyo is sentenced to death.
* Working to understand savant syndrome.
* On the appropriate naming of planets celestial bodies.

Huh. The Supreme Court will make same-day transcripts of its oral arguments available free on the Web.

3,000 year old Olmec tablet is the oldest known writing in the hemisphere. (Plus more from NPR.)

Chainsaw killings OK, boys kissing not OK: movie ratings as censorship?
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