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catching up

As aforementioned, we got the apartment in Silver Spring!

Right, so yeah, it's right off 29, off Briggs-Chaney Road. (Like, two minutes from 29, in fact.) So, good location. Will cut about an hour and a half off my daily commute, which is a godsend. The question is, which Metro station will be most convenient now? Must play with maps.

Also, *dramatically* closer to A.'s place, and thusly, tze bebe. Mad bonus points.

There will be many posts about the new place in the near future, to be sure. And, in theory, a housewarming party at some point. The current challenge will be getting all my stuff packed. (And yes, you *can* still get in on the moving fun!) The next challenge will be finding space for it in the new place. Leaving early from work today to go sign paperwork.

One of the downsides, though, is that the office doesn't hold packages, so if anything doesn't fit in the mailslot, it would just sit at the post office. I think the solution here is going to be... a P.O. box. I get exactly enough little packages that I don't want to risk the post office misplacing anything. Added complications, sigh.

And as aforementioned, last night was clubbing at the new Alchemy at Club Envy.

The new place is *much* closer to the MD side of the fence, to be sure. M. and I took an accidental tour of Bladensburg while we were rooting it out. Area isn't too bad. Less populated, so, less homeless people trying to help you park your car for a nominal fee.

And the place itself is just a big converted warehouse. Actually, it reminds me a lot of a level in a first-person shooter game. I'm still suspect as to which dance floor was playing which type of music, too.

One of my cohorts noted they were afraid that the place would suffer from being *too* large. With so much space to spread out into (there's, what, like six rooms?) it would take a *lot* of people to make the place look full.

But oh, the music: so, so inconsistent. I swear the DJs in the main room were playing a game where they'd play one or two decent songs in a row, just to see how many people they could get out and dancing, and then bam! They played something lame to clear the dancefloor in a second. Seriously, the music was *very* disappointing, in both rooms. You might like the song, oh DJ, but if it isn't danceable, then no one is going to, you know, dance. (I ended the night in the back room, as that's where Mr. Archer was playing a decent set. If only I had known earlier.)

And while the music was inconsistent, the DJs tried to make up for it by playing it LOUD. I've heard this has been a problem with the new place, and I am glad they're working on it, but man, annoying.

Nevertheless, lots of familiar faces, and always good sort of catching up with people while shouting to be heard by the person standing next to you. Probably why i'm all gravelly-voiced today.

And after six or so drinks, I gave up on getting anything better than a slight buzz. Le sigh.

M. then drove my tired sef home and took care of me and got me up for work on time, so, she remains awesome.
Tags: 2006, clubbing, not news
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