PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Quick question: Anyone know if Thinsulate material is machine-washable? I got my cheapo gloves filthy changing Red Queen's tire [Note: Not a metaphor] and don't know how to wash these things (they put the care tag right over the wrist, which made it itchy enough I cut the tag off soon after buying them.)

So, Daredevil. I enjoyed it, decent action flick, but it's not one of my year's ten best. It's hefty box-office success also means more comic book movies will be green-lighted (greenlit?), which pleases me.
Pros: Hey, they didn't embarrass themselves. :} Michael Clarke Duncan lived up to all of my expectations. (imdB trivia fact: MCD put on 40(!) additional pounds to play Kingpin. Jesus H.) Bullseye chews up scenery like someone named Connery, but in a good way.
Cons: I'm sorry they made him a mix of Batman and Spider-man. As someone else said in their review, they went for CGI when simple wire-fu would have sufficed. Also, speeding up the action scenes (as was done with Gladiator) just made them look more messy, not less.
Le Dang: Poor poor Bullseye, never getting the costume. It's all he asked for!

Call the local news station! Time to panic! Are DC clubs unsafe?

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