PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"In his blitzkrieg of 9/11 speeches, Bush has lumped together numerous countries, foreign leaders, religious figures, and political movements under one banner - as supporters of terrorism - and ignored the differences among them."

High comedy: the Bolton nomination gets another roadblock. Dude, time to pack it in.

"The Interior Department's chief official responsible for investigating abuses and overseeing operations accused the top officials at the agency on Wednesday of tolerating widespread ethical failures, from cronyism to cover-ups of incompetence."

* Lots worth reading in today's Dan Froomkin. Make sure to read the section on Ohio.
* This may sound familiar: the IAEA calls a House report on Iran "outrageous and dishonest".
* Poland sends more troops to support NATO in Afghanistan.
* Plame investigation: Novak fires back against Armitage. Huh.
* Chipotle strives to make fast food that's good, too.
* The space station spreads its fancy new solar wings.
* Famed Texan Ann Richards passed away.

Cyberpunk, today: meet the first woman to receive a bionic arm.

Awesome. Courtesy asimplelife: 'Clean' graffiti from dirty walls.
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