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"Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terror until the Bush administration decided to invade it. The president now admits that Saddam Hussein was not responsible for 9/11 (although he claimed last night that the invasion was necessary because Iraq posed a 'risk'). But he has failed to offer the country a new, realistic reason for being there."
-NYTimes editorial

Courtesy judithiscariot: a five years later commentary by Keith Olbermann. *Well* worth watching all eight minutes of it.

Wow. Giving Somalian refugees a three-day crash course on life in America.

Gene Weingarten asks: "Is George W. Bush the worst president in American history?"

* Dan Froomkin: "It's hard to imagine that he could have been more divisive if he'd tried. And with most Americans no longer trusting the president, it's hard to imagine the speech served him well."
* Post analysis finds that Bush is just not as convincing as he used to be.
* The AP noted a certain degree of partisanship. For example, all that stuff about Iraq.
* Transcript

* An interview with Ted Koppel on the price of security here at home.
* Evaluating our allies, five years later.
* Why we should send more troops into Bagdhad.
* Top Sadr aide draws up a map of an Iraq after the occupation.
* Democrats are learning to stand up to Cheney.
* Dottie Lynch on the Republican's fear of Nancy Pelosi.
* Dick Polman on Clinton's legacy and terrorism.
* Hewlett-Packard chairwoman stepping down in the face of the growing espionage scandal.
* Quietly the Pope is making changes at the Vatican.
* The gap in projected life spans in America continues to grow.
* The heir to the Japanese throne is given a name.
* The growing popularity of fire poi dancing.

"There is a growing need to develop technologies that help us tackle the problem of trust online."

This I Believe: comic book artist Frank Miller, on patriotism.

Things that are awesome: the Kuiper Belt.
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