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Previously, on Lost...

OK, extra special thanks to our hardworking reporters coasterboy and jwiv for posting this originally (their post are here and here, respectively.)

Anyways. That "Lost Experience" game ran through the summer, and I didn't pay attention one bit. Apparently you had to collect glyphs, and use them to decode parts of a secret video. Well, thanks to the beauty of the Inter-web and a bunch of nerds with a lot more free time and energy than me, someone pieced together all the video clips and put out this six-and-a-half minute video.

Check out the Dharma video on YouTube here.

This is big stuff, people. The origin of The Numbers, what Dharma is an acronym for, how the Dharma Initiative *failed,* what's going on with the island, the whole nine yards.

According to Sledgeweb, the girl in the video is Rachel Blake. The site, incidentally, has a lot of the "Lost Experience" catagorized and written up, which is perfect for lazy people like me who still want the inside info.

The *other* big find is this minute-long 'psychology test' video, also from Dharma. It consists of 115 images, rapidly flashed on screen, and then some questions. And now, I didn't go through each image individually. *Yet.*

Check out the psychology test video on YouTube here.

So. Big bombshells, more vague hints, etc. No more giant foot, though. Comments? Thoughts?
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