PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The White House would like you to believe President Bush is putting politics aside as he leads the nation in remembrance of the September 11 terrorist attacks of five years ago. But it's not true."
-Dan Froomkin

So. Are we winning the war on terrorism?

Ouch. Marine Corps intelligence claims Anbar province is 'lost politically.' In related news, the Pentagon's numbers on Iraq simply don't add up.

Reports that Cheney no longer goes unquestioned. (Still one of the biggest issues of our time.)

* Why Bush's security speeches may not work, this time.
* Senator Rockefeller says the US would be better off if we had never invaded Iraq.
* "Does God want you to be rich?"
* Antiabortion activists use sonograms for scare tactics.
* The Hewlett-Packard investigation turns towards the journalists.
* "Evidence is emerging from Africa that colours were being used in a symbolic way perhaps 200,000 years ago."
* Howard Kurtz on how CBS is gambling on changing the evening news.

The 9/11 anniversary, as covered in the Arab press.

You say you're not superstitious? Why not try on this cardigan?
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