PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"If the secret prisons where U.S. agents interrogated 'high-value' terrorism suspects with 'alternative' techniques are so legitimate and legal, if they're so fully consistent with American values and traditions, then why are they overseas?"

Ha ha ha, whoops! Republicans call off bid to get Bolton actually confirmed.

I heard it on NPR: understaffed and overworked, two days with the New Orleans homicide division (Best NPR story I've heard in a while, give it a listen.)

* Europeans are pretty upset about Bush admitting to those secret prisons overseas, oddly enough.
* Jordan's King Abdullah spells out doom if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn't resolved.
* Dana Milbank wonders what the House Republicans are thinking with their choice of issues.
* Biden presents his own security plan.
* The lawyer who stood up for civil rights in the face of the war on terror.
* An American journalist finds hope in Iran.
* Microsoft designs a school system.
* What if Earthlike planets are more common than we thought?
* Borat makes anti-Semitism fun!
* Not my first pick: Ellen DeGeneres to host the Oscars.

Again, these are our allies? Saudis may ban women from Mecca

The amateur investigation into lonelygirl15 continues. Anyone else been keeping an eye on this?
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