PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Bowing to critics of its tough interrogation policies, the Pentagon is issuing a new Army field manual that provides Geneva Convention protections for all detainees and eliminates a secret list of interrogation tactics."

"There should no longer be any doubt about the health effects of the World Trade Center. Our patients are sick."

On the ground, with the new Taliban.

Dan Froomkin: "Instead of giving al-Qaeda's leader the attention he craves, President Bush ought to be embarrassed that the mass murderer remains at large."

* Excellent! Democrats push for no-confidence vote on Rumsfeld.
* Justice Kennedy, please, please stay healthy. I don't know how many more Bush appointees we can take.
* LATimes editorial on the Congress giving up on immigration reform. And it turns out Lou Dobbs has something to say about it.
* Having contractors handle military recruiting? What could possibly go wrong?
* Why Congress must stand up to the administration.
* Good news for Florida's Democrats: Katherine Harris won the Republican primary.
* For heavens sake, if you're a former professional athlete, don't join the military.
* On the debut of Katie Couric and the commercialization of the evening news. Plus, an in-depth review by Howard Kurtz.
* David Lynch given lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival. Feel free to write your own punchline.

From Benjamin Franklin to Superman: inside Steve Geppi's new Entertainment Museum in Baltimore.

Everything is coming up roses for John Hodgman, resident genius.

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