PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Short version: there is virtually no way al-Qaeda could conceivable establish a caliphate in Iraq, whether or not the US keeps troops in Iraq, because Iran and the Iraqi Shia (along with virtually all of Iraq's neighbors) would prevent it. It is also highly unlikely that al-Qaeda wants to do this, although that question is kind of irrelevant - sort of like asking me whether I want to be the new point guard for the Orlando Magic."
-Abu Aardvark

* Israel discovers new ways not to win over hearts and minds. Good work guys. Let me know how this one works out for you. (Courtesy marag.)
* What we've learned in five years.
* Time discusses why the 9/11 conspiracy theories won't go away.
* Dan Froomkin on the new series of Bush speeches.
* This man keeps the FBI up at night.
* Those terrible mortgages from the housing boom are coming due. (Courtesy takaal.)
* The Republicans give up on immigration.
* World roundup: Princess Kiko gives birth, the days are numbered for Blair, and Mexico finally picks a president.
* And finally, tonight's cartoon.

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