PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hours since I've been on the interweb: around 36
Apartments on the list to check today: 18
Apartments that actually had a vacany available: 4
Apartments with vacancies that we already saw, but entirely forgot about until we got there again: 1
Apartments that we applied to actually life at: 1

Took the plunge. Applied for a place in... Old Greenbelt! (Right off Westway.) It's pricier than we really want. And by that I mean, we can barely make it. But man, it's *nice.* Bigger than we expected, with a decent layout on top of that. And, c'mon, Old Greenbelt! Where I sekritly wanted to end up the whole time.

Now, to see how bad our combined credit actually is, and if we actually get the joint. Cross some fingers, folks.
Tags: 2006, not news
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