PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

busy like a bug

Today was a fine celebration for the bachelordom of necrocannibal. Hooray! Nine of us gathered at his pad, then Metro'ed downtown. First, snacks and drinks at Gordon Biersch; forgot I had been there before until we got inside.

Next, to the Spy Museum. Hadn't been there before, and have to admit I was pretty pleased. They did an excellent job of cramming a lot of stuff into that place. I took my time on a number of the exhibits, and still feel confident that I could go back a second time and still have a full and enjoyable time catching the rest.

Afterwards, food and drinks at R.F.D., the downtown version of the Brickskeller. Not quite the same as the original, but nothing to complain about, and good company to boot.

Busy day tomorrow; picnic, then cookout. Tuesday, comp day from work, to be filled with apartment hunting and fingers crossed, apartment finding.
Tags: 2006, not news

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