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On this day in 1807, former Vice President Aaron Burr was found innocent of treason.

Hopefully, M.'s health is on the mend now; the doc last night ruled it was, in fact, bronchitis, so she has exciting new drugs.

I get most of my time for thinking deep thoughts while commuting, oddly enough. And recently, those thoughts keep dragging me back to the fact that I really, really need to accept the reality that I'm moving in the next thirty days, one way or another.*

So this month is going to be pretty slim. Less going out and doing expensive things. Hollywood has been cooperating by not putting out any really good movies recently, at least not anything I can't put off until Netflix. We do have one night out at zhe clubbe planned, and there's an aquarium trip in the works as well for the horde of kiddles.

Also need to keep my purchases down for the foreseeable future, even more than they already are. Some comic books are budgeted, of course; again, luckily, a lot of these can be put off until graphic novels. Gaming-wise, there's only one major HeroClix release before the end of the year, and one release for Star Wars. Those plus a book for Warmachine should be about it.

Yeah. Moving. The vast majority of my stuff is still packed from last October, of course. There will be some straightening of boxes, and possibly some sorting/throwing out, just for consolidation's sake. Figure out how much free time I'm reasonably going to have for free time activities (like painting) and put away everything for which I won't have time (like painting.) Figure out what stuf I want to pack last (i.e., what I'm going to want to unpack first, once I arrive... wherever.) *Can't* do it all after the last minute, like last time.

* - No, we don't have a new place yet. No, not happy about it.
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