PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

in between time-consuming work

First, happy birthday to ninjabunny and shannonlj2!

Yesterday, learned to play HorrorClix thanks to pseudotheist at Dream Wizards. It's a cute little game. Shares many mechanics with Heroclix, but is clearly more streamlined. The basic play seems to go: get your monsters together, slay a couple victims, try to keep your opponent's monsters from slaying their victims, and then, all hell breaks loose. The sculpts are something of a mixed bag, but the ones that look nice look *damn* nice. Added bonus: Ghostbusters! (well, not technically, but it's a pretty straightforward homage.) More on the game later, I wager. The fist release is somewhat limited, but hey.

Came home to a sickie girlfriend. We're totally hauling her to the doctor tonight; her cough sounds even worse, if that's possible. Neither of us have slept well for a couple nights.

Work is still annoying and painful. This place is *not* going well.

My favorite expression that my boss uses: "goat rodeo." But then again, he used to be a Spellfire player.

Looks like evening at home on Friday (and by that, I mean City of somethingorother. Though this remains open to negotiation.) Saturday is, uh, something. Sunday is messy. Monday, hanging with M.'s parents, then a cookout with those cool people in Laurel. Tuesday, no work, logically apartment-shopping, what with that deadline and all.
Tags: 2006, gaming, not news

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