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"While a handful of news organizations have been conscientious about sticking with the story, the media agenda marches on - Iraq, Hezbollah, the British terror plot, Joe Lieberman, JonBenet, Tom Cruise, Pluto, Hurricane Ernesto. New Orleans is like Iraq - it was a mess yesterday, it's a mess today and will still be a mess tomorrow. So it fades in and out of the news. And I fear it will continue to fade once anniversary week is over."
-Howard Kurtz

Must read: Abu Aardvark debunks the "need to stop al Qaeda" excuse for not leaving Iraq.

"When historians look back on the multiple assaults on our constitutional system of government in this era, Cheney's unprecedented role will come in for overdue notice."

"Devaluing labor is the very essence of our economy as we steer toward the age of the Great Upward Redistribution. Happy Labor Day."

* Today's awful news: hospitals are no longer safe in Iraq.
* Republicans sure like saying "fascism", but are they using the right word?
* Census Bureau finds an increasing number of Americans without health insurance.
* What the arrest of Warren Jeffs will mean for his followers.
* Hugo Chavez, looking to win more friends, throws his support behind Syria.
* "The White House images from Bush's second day in the Gulf reveal a shallowness, a self-centeredness and a lack of connection that has characterized the Bush's all along, but is now painfully on the surface."
* Andrew Cohen on the Kerr finale.
* Jackie Chan joins Hong Kong protest over secret photos taken of an actress in her dressing room.

New report lists the fattest states. Congrats to the South!

Architect forced to remove a shirt before boarding a plane, simply because the shirt had Arabic writing on it. (Man, now I want that shirt.)
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