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Happy anniversary to my parents! Also, happy birthday to prakriti.

Thanks to M., I've signed up for the Google calendar using [CORRECTED: paul dot jacobus at gmail dot com]. Send me an invite, if you're into that sort of thing.

Also thanks to M., a new batch of bebe pics.

Speaking of M., she remains relatively ill, it's quite sad. Good news on her car has been a minor boon, but a clean bill of health would be better.

This current round of dis-ease is actually pretty rough. I've been minorly sick for a few days myself, though I hold out faith that I will tough through it. Let's not mention that it feels like I sprained my shoulder over the weekend, either.

Catching up, and coming up:

Saturday evening, bebe time. M. hit the bachelorette party for that other upcoming bride, msteleute.

Sunday was a birthday party for my nephew; got to see the family and the family of the in-laws. Thereafter, headed west to Virginia for the birthday party for safetypup; got there late-ish, like after the surprise part, but had a fine time nonetheless. Bebe remains a party girl. Pictures to follow at some point.

Tonight, hanging with the girlfriend. Tomorrow, HorrorClix at Dream Wizards. The rest of the week and this weekend... nothing scheduled? Huh. Must be forgetting something. (Other than friends moving and friends repairing houses.)

Sunday, possibly, the fried worms movie with the bebe. Lemme know if you're interested.
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