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Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: the cult of Collier, school, etc.
* ZOMG Devon's video, downloaded all over.
* "These shots are going to be available everywhere soon."
* So, uh, is it illegal? Did they declare promicin a controlled substance?
* "If he's the voice of moderation, we're in a lot of trouble." -Tom
* "I'm not safe anywhere. At least I was happy there!" -Maia
* "I have no idea how all this is going to end." -Diana
* Hooray for Marco!
* Bleeding eyes!
* Dude, can't Tess just stop the whole SWAT team?
* Oh, shit. Devon died. Massive aneurysm.
* Hee, Jordan's inner council meeting. TK vs. mind control!
* April, still awesome.
* "We had some casualties among the volunteers." -Ryland. 50%!
* "Because gods don't make mistakes."
* Heh, Alana as interrogator.
* Military is taking Shawn!
* "It was a balance of power thing." -Isabelle
* You know, I think Isabelle really does love Shawn. In a weird way.

Shawn: Ryland's going to use those soldiers to kill us all.
Isabelle: Not if I don't let him.

* Make people aware of the risks. Dude I'd totally sign up. Probably.
* "They say the meek shall inherit the earth. I guess I just have more faith in humanity than you." -Jordan
* The safe! The syringe!
* And... Maia's back at school. Weird.
* "I have a message from Jordan Collier: it's a new world, and there's no place for you in it." -Boyd Gelder
* Mystique dude as suicide bomber NOOO
* (And again, way for the awesome terrorism theme this season. I can't get enough of it.)
* "He thought he could kill me. He was wrong." -Isabelle
* Draw him out... at the Center!
* Handing it out!
* "She's too powerful." -Ryland
* "Your daughter's at the Center. They think she might start killing people." -Tess
* The students!
* "What you're trying to do is not going to work." -Maia
* Richard's offer!
* "Go ahead. Finish it." BLAM
* "The world's about to change, and our lives just got a whole lot more difficult." -Nina

* "We'll be back, but you won't be here." -Maia
* 4400 Center seized!
* Alana retaken!
* "How about you? Fifty-fifty?"

So, fifty-fifty. Would you?

Um, maybe?

Oh thank God they renewed this for another season. If this was the last episode ever, I would totally cry.
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