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Why I Rule:
I woke up today with Neil Diamond's "America" stuck in my head, supplanting Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" that's been stuck for about a week or so.

M. hit the doc last night (courtesy ceciskittle and her blonde horde.) She doesn't have strep. This is good news.

Speaking of good news, I haven't wanted to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but Comcast has been problem-free for us for over a week now.

Expert cameraman jakethrash (happy birthday!) got some good pictures of me at the drag show*, I might steal them for later.

Work remains excessively busy and short-handed.

Tonight, Heroclix with pseudotheist. Tomorrow, party for one girl of numbers. Saturday, bonus bebe. Sunday, nephew party and other odds and ends. Monday, you know, find a place to live in a month or so. Then, book club.

* - No, I wasn't participating.
Tags: 2006, not news
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