PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"These days the President seems distracted, disjointed and dumbed-down in press conferences. His jokes fall flat and are often inappropriate... Has anyone told him that making jokes about pig roasts after being asked about the bombing of the Beirut airport is not how a Commander in Chief acts in front of the international press corps?"
-Joe Scarborough

Today's top read: maybe the administration is creating a new Middle East, just not the one they want.

Slate has an excellent review of Bush's press conference follies.

* Bush authorizes the 'involuntary recall' of 2,500 Marines, to make up for the lack of volunteers.
* Diplomatic tightrope in sanctioning Iran.
* One year later, how is Katrina recovery coming along?
* Fact-checking the President with Dick Polman and Think Progress.
* Courtesy judithiscariot, LiveOnline with TV chef Anthony Bourdain, who was on the ground in Beiruit when the bombs started falling.
* Conservative and evangelical groups target perfectly legal hotel porn.
* Red Bull breaks new ground in sports marketing.
* A slow demise for Tower Records.
* And the name of the new moon shot is...
* "The upgrade means you'll also have free, public wireless Internet access on the Mall."
* Pow. Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise, possibly because of his rampant goofiness. But, who loses?

David Ignatius on the unseen balancing act of Al-Jazeera. presents their ten least essential fall films.

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