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Tonight on The 4400...

* Previously: OK, a hell of a lot of stuff.
* The interview. A.k.a., Collier gets to make a cool and important monologue.
* "The war for the future will be fought in the past."
* Good vs. evil. Also, a montage sequence.
* "All our lives are profoundly different now. That's what war does." -Collier
* Heh, sleepover at... OMG NTAC maximum security!
* "We must bond together to fight that evil among us."
* All the Nova Group gone! Here's the rogue's gallery, including some chick that can wipe memories and the Mystique boy.
* Hey, a press mob scene, realism!
* Why would Kyle go to school precisely?
* Did Ryland break out the Novas, to prompt the war?
* Hey, way to spill the Isabelle secret.
* "Do you think he met someone else?" -April
* "The Nova Group is no longer our enemy... They did what needed doing." -Collier
* And heh, Richard agrees.
* Shirtless soldiers. Increase the dosage! No, MAXIMUM DOSAGE. Great idea, dude.
* Kyle/Shawn reunion, yay.
* "My death was part of a bigger plan." -Collier
* "You have no idea how important you are."
* "We planned the whole thing together. It was fun." -Alana
* Destroy the super soldier enhanced soldier program!
* Hee, clairvoyant.
* Yay Tess and Burkoff! Ooh, and he's been continuing his research, excellent.
* The most unexpected exchange of the episode:

April: Finding the one that wants to go to the Fetish Ball with me year after year, that's the problem.
Diana: Ben wanted to go to the Fetish Ball with you?
April: He was considering it.

* Jordan Collier, guidance counselor.
* Well, of course Kyle is important to the future.
* "I'm going to do wat you do, Dad. I'm going to help the 4400 any way I can." -Kyle
* And, Shawn turns on Jordan.
* And, Jordan denies everything. And Richard agrees.
* "Shawn, I need you to believe in me."
* John Brown
* Oh, hi Mystique dude. Aha, his disguise doesn't show on video cameras.
* Heh, the army base was never the target. Clever.
* Ryland, you're an odd one to talk about trust.
* Breakup?
* Kyle's leaving. "Spread the word." Missionary much?
* Aw, dad helps him carry the bags. Nice.
* "It's beautiful." -Tess
* "We're not going to destroy it."
* 17,432 units.
* Give it away. To everyone. Fan-tas-tic.
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