PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

rumor control

Last night was a nifty dinner to celebrate mscongeniality at Harry's Essential Grille in Tyson's Corner. Included were three other lovely ladies, most of which probably have journals that I don't know. Anyways. The joint was participating in Restaurant Week, so I ate like a king. Added bonus: free ride home with good conversation, to boot.

Man, my grey hair is shining through this morning.

Today at work: stupid, time-consuming training.
Tonight: no clue. Possibly, a terrible movie, maybe a little painting. Or City of Heroes, should M. be otherwise occupied. Anything going on that I've forgotten about?
Tomorrow: work, then a pinkalicious celebration.
Sunday: bebe-ness, apartment shopping.
Monday: Dropping off bebe-ness, more apartment shopping. In theory, some doctors or not.
Tags: food, not news
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