PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Caught The Night Listener yesterday as a fine way to wait out rush hour traffic. The movie was decent, but felt a little anti-climatic to me. Like they were building to something, and didn't quite get there, and just decided to finish the movie anyways. There was nothing particularly wrong with it; Mr. Williams puts in a good performance, as does the supporting cast. But, yeah. Theme and filming is there, but the substance was lacking.

New trailers:
* Hollywoodland - Based on a true story, a detective investigating the questionable death of George Reeves. Hefty cast, could be good.
* The Black Dahlia - *Also* based on a true story. And oooh, lookin' sharp.
* The Namesake - Indian family drama! Could be decent. And hey, it's Kumar and Mira Nair.
* The Hoax - ALSO based on a true story. Enough with the themes, guys. Anyways. This might be entertaining, but I doubt I could sit through an entire Richard Gere movie at this point in my life.

We also saw a large standee for The Illusionist, which might have potential.

In unrelated news, the animated special Hellboy: Sword of Storms comes to Cartoon Network on October 28th.
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