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"Bush's remarks yesterday, from his vacation ranch in Crawford, Texas, with Rice at his side, raise once more the question of whether he believes the things he says — whether he's really so clueless about the world that his actions so deeply affect. The transcript contains so many mind-boggling statements that it's hard to know where to begin, so let's take them in chronological order."
-Fred Kaplan (today's must-read)

Good read: learning the Iranian art of hiding what you mean to say.

Aw, yeah. One lucky commuter will win the chance to blow up the Wilson Bridge.

* Why Israel is delaying an invasion of Lebanon.
* BAGnewsNotes reads between the lines of those bombing pictures from Lebanon.
* "If you lose a campaign and then come around two, or four, or six years later to challenge the man who beat you, that's one thing. If you lose a campaign and keep running as if you hadn't lost, that's another."
* Will the Lieberman loss help Republicans? The jury remains undecided. Is this a sign for incumbents everywhere?
* China hit by super typhoon.
* Restoring a NASA relic.
* Neat: digging a water tunnel under New York.
* Physicist James Van Allen passed away. has its eye on ten fall movies.

On classifying Pluto and dwarf planets.

"In what can only be read as a sign of the apocalypse, Paris Hilton has been given her own line of Hello Kitty figures by Sanrio."
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