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quick like a bunny

Not the huge update I need to write, but something to tide us over with the current events.

Wedding dinner last night at Green Fields in Rockville. (Honestly, I liked the place in Columbia better, but the place in Columbia is totally gone, so, yeah.) Good times were had. I totally ate enough meat to stop a charging rhino, which is a lot of meat, let me tell you. Fun conversation with the ever-entertaining ammitnox and disoculated and others.

Comcast remains the devil. Let's see if their work Saturday actually does, you know, anything.

Tomorrow, day off, then wedding. Then, shenanigans. Saturday, a mystery. Sunday, a bebe. Monday, catching up on sleep? Oh, right, after our *twenty* appointments for the day.

Oh, and, while I'm rambling: Pinnacle just announced a new gaming license: Solomon Kane. (Wikiality.)

Work, roughly:
The good news is, my boss's boss thinks she can find a placement for me near College Park. Which would, like, give me a couple hours back to my life. She warns me that it's crazy and high-pressure, though. Might still be worth it.

Also, work is approximately falling apart. Issues stemming from when they fired those guys a couple months back *still* haven't been resolved, which is adding pressure to their replacements. There's this undercurrent of impending doom that I totally won't miss.

Oh, and the other amusing note is that word seems to have gotten around that I'm not long for this place. No big surprise. But I haven't *actually* spoken to my direct boss about it. (Through the magic of contracting, my direct supervisor actually works for a different company than I do.) When the conversation turns to the point that I haven't talked to him yet, people invariably say "oh, I think he knows" which makes it feel like they all had a meeting about me on one of my days off or something.

[EDIT: Oh, and yesterday I woke up to something of a dental scare, but I think we're OK now. Fingers crossed.]
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