PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Now you've got the combination of [Bush] being down in Crawford while at the same time saying that he's not talking to the two most important leaders in the Middle East conflict right now, the leaders of Israel and Lebanon."

A way out for Israel.

"I don't think anyone could have anticipated the sectarian violence."

David S. Broder on the governors turning on Congress.

* Riding along with a UN relief convoy in Lebanon.
* Update to the Lebanon oil spill.
* Cellphones fill a new role for Iraqis.
* Reuters drops Beruit photographer after some very poor Photoshop. BAGnewsNotes wonders if he just has a problem.
* LiveOnline transcript with Howard Kurtz.
* Dick Polman on the Lieberman issue.
* AOL screws up big time again. (Courtesy disoculated.)
* China's mummy factory.
* How about a military theme park?

Whoah. Rebuilding a mouse gene to a previous evolutionary state.

'Massive manatee is spotted in Hudson River.'

The challenges in remaking The Wicker Man.
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