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Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: Isabelle and Ryland stockpiling promicin.
* And tonight... gay cruising?
* "You're going to change everything... unless I stop you."
* They invited all the 4400?
* Heh. Magic cigar! See the future!
* 27
* Rusted?
* Tom's inviting Diane?
* 11
* Visions of... Shawn the Destroyer.
* Army ranger! Killed in Iraq. Displaying a 4400 ability.
* "Elite training unit." Heh, no remains.
* Six casualties.
* Shawn has an older brother?
* Richard's toast is the definition of 'damning with faith praise.'
* "I don't make her more human, she makes me less." -Shawn
* 92
* Mutation of the 11th chromosome. Starzl mutation. 1969. Flawed x-ray, for five years. Huh.
* And the second smoke gives us visions of... a warzone. "Everyone we love is dead... The catastrophe is here." -Tom
* Haspel! Ryland! A secret military division with 4400 abilities! Oh snap!
* Whoever controls promicin...
* Six crashed, but only four remains.
* ...Gunn!
* "We're volunteers, all of us." My emphasis would be on the *all.*
* Darren's compromising the program, heh.
* 4400 + Starzl mutation = promicin-positive kid. Ding!
* A-ha! That's why Seattle in 2004!
* Facing down Ryland, awesome.
* Also awesome: wedding pictures.
* 3rd cigar trip: 'Civil unrest.' 'Turned the 4400 into an army.'
* Finish the list.
* News conference... enhanced soldier program! (I guess "super soldier serum" was trademarked.) Eight of them! And no girls allowed, I see.
* "Is there a difference?" -Ryland
* Wedding time...
* "Do you know who I am?" -Jordan Collier

Next week: "You lied to me, Isabelle."

Wow. OK, that kind of does answer a lot of things.
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