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"As President Bush's foreign policy oscillates between 'cowboy diplomacy' and 'post-cowboy diplomacy' and back again, it's worth pointing out that it's not really correct to call it diplomacy if he invariably refuses to talk to people who disagree with him. The U.N. resolution Bush was pushing this morning from his vacation home in Texas bears the hallmarks of non-diplomacy: It's a supposed cease-fire resolution that the parties most desperate for a cease fire are condemning as unworkable, unsatisfactory and doomed."
-Dan Froomkin

"Let's face it, Israel's counteroffensive in Lebanon doesn't seem to be going very well. Liberals are saying it. Conservatives are saying it. Plenty of Israelis are saying it. But here is the odd thing: Nobody is paying very careful attention to the alternative. The criticism of Israel's ground campaign — however sound much of it may be — takes place against an implicit assumption that peace could be at hand if only Israel stops fighting."

Sebastian Mallaby on a new brand of corporate power. presents a Bagdhad diary.

* ""You might think that it would take a truly self-delusional person to conjure up such a bright vision for this darkening corner of the world. But the president's rosy Mideast scenario is right in line with what has become a governing principle for him. Call it the Bush Chaos Theory."
* Israeli soldiers expected an easier fight in Lebanon.
* Can a federal takeover fix California's prison system?
* Um. Define 'oil shutdown.'
* Abramoff buddy Ney won't run again.
* States expand right to shoot in self-defense.
* Duran Duran to give live virtual concerts.
* presents ten past summer surprises at the box office.

The writer behind Psych inserts lessons from his own dad.

Exporting China's top stars to Hollywood. In related news, Hollywood is relying more and more on the foreign box office.

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