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"I believe this to be the first time in modern American history that a president's religion, in this case his Christian fundamentalism, has become a decisive factor in his foreign and domestic policies. It's a factor that has been under-reported, to say the least, and that begs for press attention."

The Way We Live Now: ballots and bullets. The collateral damage in the mind. A young reporter faces their first warzone.

Rumsfeld seems stuck in a time loop.

"Is conservatism finished? What might have seemed an absurd question less than two years ago is now one of the most important issues in American politics."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

* Hezbollah and the Iraqi civil war. Also, who can disarm Hezbollah?
* Is Israel hooked on militarism?
* How helping Syria would help Israel.
* Andrew Cohen on cutting a deal on military tribunals for detainees.
* The Salvation Army faces an unexpected problem.
* Castro and his reign through ten presidencies.
* A look at the modern Five Percenters.
* Interesting read: taking another look at Mel Gibson's Passion.
* I heard it on NPR: Sleater-Kinney in concert.

What if we drew a congressional district that was designed to be balanced?

"Manufactured commodities are an artistic medium? Branding is a form of personal expression? Indie businesses are a means of dropping out? Turning your lifestyle into a business is rebellious?"

Muslims re-examine the words of the Prophet in the modern world.
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