PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As noted, earlier this week we caught Clerks II. A treat of a film, on one hand it's another of Kevin Smith's movies, with all that brings along, including an excellent script and remarkable shocking situations. On the other, it's a surprisingly mature movie, a look at our generation growing up and, well, settling down. Sort of. Plus it kept me laughing most of the way through. Good stuff.

And yesterday we took tze bebe to a matinee of Monster House. The animation is good, and the casting excellent, but the movie feels too short, actually. I mean, the whole story is there, but it doesn't feel very full. Anyways. And yes, the movie may have actually been too scary for some kids. Not tze bebe, though. She was scared in parts, but she liked it. (She had, in fact, seen it already.)

Trailers, soon.
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