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anthology of interest

Hollywood's in trouble: "To hear the talk, the dark ages are upon us. Producers are glum because studios are killing their deals left and right. The agents and managers are bummed because after untold years of actor and filmmaker salaries heading in only one direction — up — studios are putting the squeeze on talent, having recently killed a series of costly star-driven movies in favor of more manageable genre pictures and family films."

So thanks to an education by examorata, I ended up discovering that The Who invented the Matrix.

History Spork takes on Titanic.

Last week, the celebrity column writer at the Post went on vacation. They brought in guest writers including, for some awesome reason, Gene Weingarten.

Courtesy takaal and the Navy, it's the safety photo of the week.

Examining the success of the graphic novel.

Things that are lame:
* forgetting my cell phone.
* this frikkin' heat. I shouldn't be sweaty on my drive *in* to work, when the *sun* isn't up yet.
* the Metro in summer. See above, multiply with the local citizenry.
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