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"Israel has a right to defend itself, but it is counterproductive to punish civilians in the hope that somehow they will blame Hamas and Hezbollah for provoking the response."
-Jimmy Carter

"Medical progress has stirred religious and moral objections throughout history - objections that were overcome as the benefits of medical advances became overwhelmingly obvious."

"A truly bipartisan figure, Lieberman embodies the most annoying qualities of both parties, combining Republican sanctimony with Democratic condescension." -Robin D. Laws

Metro will be slowing down because of the heat. Grand. Also, testing the new cars. Hope you like standing.

* The Israel-Lebanon war: how the reality on the ground is limiting diplomatic options. Is the administration a roadblock to the peace process?
* Champions of science seek to retake the Kansas school board.
* More missing disclosures linked to Frist.
* Ouch. Republicans withdraw support from Katherine Harris.
* What the US could learn from how Spain handled immigration.
* Science looks to reclaim alchemy.
* Brazil deploys its armed forced... to bring penguins back home.
* Russia's Hermitage hit by thieves.
* The character of the sassy overweight black woman has become a caricature.
* Nielsen plans to work its magic on Broadway.
* Game expo E3 to scale down and spread out.
* How Pirates 2 is saving the summer at the box office. Also, why Pirates 2 defeated Superman.
* The impressive part of Mel Gibson's meltdown was the speed of the scandal.

A world of advertising: marketing strategies geared towards children.

MTV turns 25, and here's 25 memorable moments. Good read.

Tonight on NPR, live: Sleater-Kinney in concert from the 9:30 Club.
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