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"The biological weapons threat is multiplying and will do so regardless of the countermeasures we try to take. You can't stop it, any more than you can stop the progress of mankind. You just have to hope that your collective brainpower can muster more resources than your adversaries'."

A lost generation in the Congo.

"Why good countries fight dirty wars."

* Analysis: how the Israel-Lebanon war could undercut Bush's long-term goals.
* World shocked by Israeli strike on Qana, as the airstrike cease fire collapses. Plus, how it came as a surprise to Rice.
* The Taliban continue to attack schools in Afghanistan.
* Looking for new solutions to the DC crime problem.
* Only 100 days until midterm elections.
* Gentrification and displacement as part of the long war between rich and poor.
* Emergency planners to include pets, too.
* Do we eat too much food because of 'unit bias'?
* Examining the relationship between the FDA and drugmakers.
* NASA reconsiders the space station.

How art can improve literacy. (Courtesy M.)
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