PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Have you looked around yourself lately, while in a public place, and mentally marked the locations of the fire exits?

Yes, but only because the Loews Theater Announcer Guy told me to.

Is an owner of a lonely heart much better than an owner of a broken heart?


Budapest reminds you of _______.

The defenestration of Prague.
I would be surprised if any non-blood relatives got this joke.

If you were First Lady/Gentleman, what would be your pet project?

If I was First Gentleman (which is more likely) then my first project would be declaring the War on Grammar and Spelling.

If I was the First Lady, my pet project would be figuring out HOW THE HELL THAT HAPPENED. Well, after a trip to the bathroom. :}

What's something you made fun of once, but have since changed your mind about and are now vaguely embarrassed to admit it?

I don't think I have the shame to be embarrassed about anything like that. I'm looking forward to seeing Biker Boyz ferchrissakes.

Someone comes walking down the street toward you. They are wearing ________. It makes you want to ______ immediately.

a bowler hat, and run.
Again, an inside joke only a few comic-book readers will get.

Why is the UN so half-assed?

They're jealous we invented the Internet and our movies are better. We've had a good century.

Ask the cheetahmaster for Spiritual Warrior guidance here.

Do it!

If Terry Tate, Office Linebacker ( worked at your office...

I would *so* have him clean up the slackers taking hour-long lunches and twenty smoke breaks a day and showing up late daily.

Not that I am bitter.

In the depths of the darkest waters, beneath the distant light of the Hyades, lies the reflection of ________.

something Hellboy will likely punch.

Your friend with the coolest name is:

Rob Graves (though I haven't seen him in years, so I don't know if he counts.) After that, I would say Ashwath Ganesan, but it might feed his ego even more.

You are ________ -flavored.


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